Year-round Adventure Project Manager Career including Ski Instructing

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Tired of moving around and looking for jobs each season? Year-round stable career contracts available with the chance to develop management and other skills besides ski instructing.

A British-run adventure company in China offers the chance to use your ski instructor qualification for a wide-ranging year-round career in the booming China adventure industry.

Role: Adventure Trip Project Management, Survival/Bushcraft instructing, ski instructing, water sports, curriculum development, activity leading, some client liaison/sales meetings and management-related work. The company works with ambitious applicants to help you develop in your chosen direction. Survival instructor training is also given on the job.
Those interested and capable may go on to head up new branches and projects under the brand name, in other regions of China and Asia.
Start date: Continuous rolling recruitment: start any time of year, allow 3 months between application and arrival, for full process (visa etc.).
Free accommodation + Approx US$1900-2400 per month salary (including commissions, gross). Also remember, living can be cheap in China so a lot of it goes in your pocket!
+Pay rises/promotions over time.
Help with applying for work visa included.
Visa fees and flights not included.
Training and Qualification opportunities: Mandarin Chinese, Wilderness First Aid, survival instructing etc.
1 or 2-year contract, based in Beijing, also spending time in other locations around China. Possible annual xmas ski trip to Japan. 
A Ski Instructor Qualification, Level 2 or above
A Bachelor’s degree (important, for visa reasons)
Some survival/bushcraft/camping/outdoor background, the more the better
Other experiential education industry experience, the more the better. 

Interested? Fill in an online form at:
Salary: Free accommodation + Approx US$1900-2400 per month salary (including commissions, gross)
Qualification Required: BASI Level 2

Salary: Free accommodation + Approx US$1900-2400 per month salary (including commissions, gross)
Qualification Required: BASI Level 2

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